Improve online checkout speed ready for the Christmas rush

With millions of orders being placed online throughout the festive season, can you really afford to have customers dropping off at your checkout this Christmas?

PostCoder Web SOAP from Allies Computing is a web service which allows you to add address lookup from just a Postcode seamlessly into your online order process, saving you and your customers’ time, whilst reducing undelivered goods. Research shows as much as 27% of online sales are lost from lengthy online order processes. What would 27% more sales mean to you?

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With the popularity of home improvements on the rise in the current market and the festive season approaching, sales of DIY gifts will be on the increase. According to, more and more home owners want to invest in their property by making alterations or upgrades. Godfreys DIY are already reaping the rewards of using address lookup within their online ordering system. For a period the website was without an address lookup feature. But they quickly realised they were seeing failed deliveries due to incorrect addresses. This was costing them time and money, as well as inconveniencing their customers unnecessarily.

Now, by using PostCoder Web SOAP, it’s easier for their customers – they either simply enter the Postcode and the delivery address is completed automatically, or they enter the address details they know, and the full address and Postcode is looked up for them!

We found Allies Computing’s PostCoder Web SOAP service using a Google search. Allies’ response was so prompt and positive that we felt we didn’t need or want to talk to anyone else! Using SOAP, the Web service uses a protocol that is very easy for our developers to integrate into our PHP application. We also received some very helpful technical advice from Allies®.” Barry Godfrey, Managing Director.

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