SEO Company Includes Google News In SEO Google Packages

Master Google, a leading company in Google SEO (, has added a new service to two of its most popular packages. now submits content to many media sources Google News pulls content from. This addition will enhance the Web site popularity of’s clients and help increase their rankings in the search results.

After months of developing relationships and connections with media outlets throughout the world, adding Google News to its Top of Google ( and 1st Page of Google services without increasing the cost. This means that any press releases distributed to these media sources will be candidates in news feeds and news searches conducted by Google News users.

“With the Google News program, our clients are going to get exposure from major media outlets around the world and Google News users,” said President Ali Husayni. “I am very proud to add this program to our suite of services, and I expect this addition to significantly enhance our clients’ rankings in the search results.”

Top of Google is Master Google’s premiere service plan. It guarantees top ranking for one keyword and first page rankings for at least 50% of other keywords. The 1st Page of Google package guarantees to place at least 25 of 50 keywords on the first page. Both of these service packages include a 100% Money Back Guarantee if results are not met within two to six months. also provides a Free SEO ( services package. Detailed information about’s SEO service plans can be found on its Web site,

Google News is a computer-generated news hub that pulls headlines from sources around the world. The service is amongst the top of news databases globally. It pools similar stories and personalizes user’s searches according to the user preference and interests. Google News selects content based on popularity as well as user location, relevance, timeliness, and other factors.

The addition of Google News into’s services comes on the heels of the company’s recently launched Free SEO program, which was announced this past August. The Free SEO service plan provides a base-level of Google SEO ( including meta tag and Web site content optimization, establishing an Analytics account, updating images and description tags, and other services.

“To launch our Free SEO and Google News programs within a month of each other is a great achievement,” said Husayni. “We are working very hard to establish ourselves as the best SEO company, and programs such as these are testaments to our efforts. With so much happening in these past couple of months I can’t wait to see how the public responds to some of the new ideas we are currently developing.”

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If you would like to learn more about’s services, visit:, or call (303) 932-6559 to schedule a consultation with its President Ali Husayni. is a subsidiary of Sinai Marketing, Inc., which was established in 2004. Since then, its team has done its best to master industry-standard SEO ( techniques and develop new ones.’s code-efficiency optimization techniques, along with the highest quality link building methods are what guarantee its clients’ Web sites success on the search engines.

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