StomperNet – World’s Largest Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Training Program is Made Available to the Public Once Again

StomperNet (, the most elite Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization training program in the World, opened their community to new members today after remaining private and closed for a long time.

“While most companies are scaling back advertising budgets, StomperNet continues to teach business owners new and effective ways to drive free qualified web traffic to their businesses through the power of search marketing,” says Jason Hennessey founder of, a bridal planning website which is proudly ranking on Page 1 of Google for the keyword wedding ( thanks to the StomperNet training and curriculum.

For the past 3 years, Stompers (members) have been paying $797.00 per month to access over 1,400 hours of step-by-step video tutorials written and produced by some of the most respected names in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization also known as (SEO). With topics such as ecommerce marketing, link building, copy-writing, product development and list building; StomperNet has been referred to as a must have membership for anyone serious about online marketing. The problem – You simply couldn’t get in, even if you wanted to pay the $797.00 per month.

“The StomperNet community is what sets us apart from any other training program on the web,” says founder and CEO Brad Fallon (, “you will always have someone available to answer any level of question you can think of, from registering your first domain name to split testing and tracking conversions.”

Aside from linking like-minded entrepreneurs together in one central portal, StomperNet also provides their members with coaches, moderators, expert faculty office hours four days a week, local meet-ups, and NOW the tools you need to help you be successful. Tools such as:

•    Market Samurai – The ultimate niche finder and keyword research tool.

•    StomperStorm – Taguchi split testing software, which gives you the ability to test your webpages and increase conversions and sales with a user-friendly interface.

•    Plus 7 more tools to be announced daily during the next 7 days of the launch.

“In the Internet Marketing space, this is referred to as a Mafia Offer, an offer so compelling that it’s hard to say no,” says Fallon.

He goes on to add, “StomperNet gives you the power and ability to make more money in less time if you had to do it alone. You are never alone when you become a Stomper.”

About StomperNet

Founded in October 2006, StomperNet has become one of the worlds leading subscription-based Internet Marketing Communities. StomperNet provides DVD courses, and online training classes from expert faculty members, an online portal community, proprietary software, and quarterly live conferences.

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