Three quarters of smartphone users won’t get a Christmas break

New research of 1,053 smartphone owners by the UK’s leading mobile phone price comparison website has shown that more than 3 in 4 people claim they will not be able to take a proper break from the office this Christmas, as their Blackberry or iPhone handsets will prevent them from being able to relax completely. discovered that of the 77% who said they will be checking their smartphones over the festive period, two thirds would do it on a daily basis. Other findings of the study included the top reasons why people felt they had to check their emails whilst on holiday.

The most common reason was dedication, with 45% claiming they will keep their smartphone on them at all times in case something important crops up. 26% said checking emails is a habit they are unable to break, while 11% admitted they will be more concerned about impressing their boss in the hope of a New Year promotion or bonus.

Just under half of the respondents, 49%, are predicting that their obsessive smartphone checking will cause a row with family members this Christmas and 58% will be packing their phone charger before taking trips to see friends and relatives. has come up with the top five tips for switching off this Christmas;

1. Leave it at home – If you know that you aren’t going to be needed for anything, leave your Smartphone at home when visiting family and friends. If you don’t have it on you, it won’t interfere with your plans.
2. Switch it off – If only for an hour or two, switch your smartphone off to avoid arguments and to have a bit of time to totally relax.
3. Out of office – Set up an auto-response to let people know you’re out of the office. If you don’t get back to them straight away, they won’t start chasing you.
4. Make your absence known – Let colleagues and clients know what days you will not be working, so they are less likely to contact you during your leave.
5. Silence is Golden – Switch your handset to silent, not vibrate or loud mode. If you get a call or an email, you won’t know and won’t be tempted to answer or read it. You might even find you forget that your Blackberry exists… for a minute or two!

Speaking about these latest findings, Neil McHugh, co-founder of commented;

“I wasn’t surprised by the number of people who said they will be checking their smartphones this Christmas. Checking emails is a hard habit to break, especially in the case of the Blackberry when that flashing red light catches your eye!

“Our top five tips will hopefully help people to have a more relaxed Christmas that allows more quality time for family and not clients. I know how difficult it can be to switch off from work when you have a constant reminder in your pocket or bag all day, but for one day of the year at least, people should be able to switch off.”

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