New ‘Connected Shopper’ Study Reveals Slow eCommerce Growth

Geometry Global today launched findings from its worldwide ‘Connected Shopper’ study, which indicate that the pace of online shopping growth is slower than expected. The study identified the key barriers to online purchase and the enduring importance of the physical store within the purchase journey.

 – Regular online purchasing slower than expected

A stark finding identified that regular and frequent online purchasing – defined as buying online most days – had grown from only 5% in 2011 to 7% in this latest study, a relatively slow growth rate that reflects the barriers to online shopping across the globe.

– Number of barriers to online purchase identified

Cesar Montes, EMEA CSO of Geometry Global, said: “Our findings confirm that we haven’t yet witnessed the complete online shopping revolution some had predicted. There remain a number of obstacles to consumers fully accepting online shopping, such as security concerns, payment methods and unwillingness to engage with brands via social media.”

– Bricks and mortar continues to be central to the shopping journey, but digital plays a crucial, integrated role

The Connected Shopper study also indicates that bricks and mortar retail continues to occupy a central role in the purchase decision, with online sources used to supplement rather than replace physical retail. 65% of all Internet users surveyed reported visiting physical stores to inform their purchase while six out of ten people use mobile phones or tablets while visiting physical outlets and the number of people who purchase online infrequently [classed as once a month] has grown from 59 to 89% since 2011.

– Shifting attitudes signal opportunities for brands and retail

Montes concluded by saying: “Overall, there is evidence that attitudes towards these barriers to online purchase are changing, signalling a significant opportunity for brands and retail. By understanding these barriers, strengthening and integrating the digital consumer experience and reaching the consumer at the very moments along the path to purchase that make a difference, we can enable online shopping to flourish as a vital part of the retail landscape.”

The Connected Shopper study analysed online shopping behaviour from 12 key markets across the globe, identifying both market-by-market and sector-by-sector trends and patterns.

For more information about the ‘Connected Shopper’ report, visit

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