A Social Media Campaign Can Diversify A Brand’s Audience According To Reality Digital

The implementation of social media into a marketing campaign can diversify the target audiences of a brand according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of white label social network software for brands and businesses.

Much of the media that is consumed online is found through a combination of search engines, and more recently social networks, which have facilitated referrals to friends and other users to content that may be of interest them.

This developing way of sharing online content has meant that the benefit of using social networks for marketing is much greater. Through the use of various tools and widgets, users can now share and promote the content from one website on multiple others at the click of a button, and so brands should be considering making the most of this as a platform from which they can spread their message to numerous types of audience that they would not normally consider.

Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, Robert Proctor, said: “Brands should take into account the rapid growth of social media, and realise that the size of all of the popular networks combined holds the potential to be a huge platform for message delivery.”

“Utilising social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as crowd sourcing tools means that those messages have a much greater chance of reaching a more diverse range of audiences than would normally be possible through traditional marketing tactics. If content from a brand focused social network is linked to by its users across the larger networks, then there is an increased chance that those links will be seen by audiences not normally prioritised as targets for the brand”

Reality Digital Opus is a social networking platform that allows brands to implement social media functionality into their website, or indeed create a whole new network from scratch.

The platform incorporates all of the latest video social network technology, including HD video and user generated content (UGC), whilst also facilitation the sharing of network content to communities all over the Internet.

For more information, visit realitydigital.com, or call 0203 1785 883.

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