RSR Research’s latest report, “Online Commerce in 2009: The Model Has Changed – Have Retailers?” finds that store-based retailers see the greatest opportunities for mobile, while online pure play retailers place greater value on social networks. Retailers across the board also still see big opportunities for core capabilities around online merchandising and search for their online channels. These findings are based on a survey of 71 retailers conducted during the summer of 2009. The report can be downloaded at

“Store-based retailers view mobile as an opportunity to connect their various channels – from the physical to the virtual,” said Nikki Baird, Managing Partner at RSR Research and co-author of the report. “Whereas online retailers view social media as an opportunity to provide a more engaging online experience – something they need in order to differentiate against a more cohesive cross-channel experience.”

“That said, there is still a lot of work to be done in the e-Channel to create a cohesive cross-channel experience,” adds Steve Rowen, also a Managing Partner at RSR Research and co-author of the report. “The majority of respondents, online or store-based retailers alike, reported that they see online’s future as a cross-channel one, whether that is through multiple online sites and channels, or through integration of online, store, catalog, and mobile.”

“Online Commerce in 2009: The Model Has Changed – Have Retailers?,” sponsored by ATG, contains analysis of the business drivers, opportunities, and organizational constraints surrounding retailers’ eCommerce strategies, as well as recommendations for creating successful online commerce capabilities. The report is part of RSR Research’s ongoing efforts to provide market intelligence on retail technology trends, and can be downloaded here:

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