Conversing With Consumers Reaps The Greatest Benefit Of Social Media

The biggest advantage of including social media in a marketing strategy is that it facilitates conversation between brands and their audiences according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of online community software ( for brands and businesses.

Social networks have numerous uses when it comes to online marketing, providing a direct link between a company or brand and its fans and customers. Reality Digital has emphasised that if a business is to make the most out of social media, they must ensure that they engage in conversation with their key audiences, as a way of receiving feedback, attending to any issues surrounding a brand or its products, and also stimulating discussion.

The end result will see consumers receiving improved communication from their favourite brands, because social networks have the power to heighten the quality of engagement, allowing individuals to feel much closer to a brand. Even better still, the use of a brand focused social network will give consumers an online destination where they can make their views heard by a brand whilst sharing their common love for it with other fans.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, commented: “Brands who engage in conversation with their core audiences are far more likely to benefit from social media marketing than those who simply utilise social networks as a medium through which they can give information to consumers.”

“The use of a brand focused social network in a marketing strategy can enhance the effect of conversation for a brand, allowing them to engage in discussion and forum with users in a brand safe environment moderated by themselves.”

The Reality Digital Opus Platform is the perfect piece of social networking software ( for this purpose, allowing businesses to develop a brand focused social network that enables them to engage in consumer discussion in a controlled environment.

The service can also be broken down so that existing websites can easily incorporate the latest cutting edge social media capabilities, such as a video platform ( or user generated content features, without having to implement an entirely new website.

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