Social Media Is Important In Keeping Content Fresh For Users

Social media can play a vital part in keeping a website fresh and appealing to its users according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of online community software ( for brands and businesses.

With a vast amount of business and other activities now being conducted over the Internet, it has become increasingly important for brands and businesses to maintain a thoroughly engaging and up to date website. Brands should be looking to make the most of social media by incorporating it into their website according to Reality Digital.

The real time attribute of social media means that when a brands social media profile is integrated with their central website, content on the web pages of their domain can be updated as and when the social media profiles are, helping to provide real-time updates to a website through the use of social media.

Brands can also take social media integration a step further. By incorporating social media features such as a video social network ( into their website, brands can create their own brand focused community that allows for user generated content, allowing the content updates to come from users as well as the webmasters in charge of the site.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “The incorporation of real-time updates into a company website makes it much easier for the homepage to remain up to date with minimal fuss. There is nothing worse for a consumer than looking upon a boring, out of date webpage, and social media addresses both of these issues.

“Brands can use social media features such as video and audio platforms to significantly enhance the look and feel of their website, providing any visitors with a much more engaging experience.”

Reality Digital Opus is a social networking application ( that allows brand and businesses to incorporate any of the latest social networking features into their website, enabling them to make the most of their consumer fan base in their online marketing efforts.

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