YouTube will become key financial advice distribution route

Founder of social networking website for IFAs, Philip Calvert predicts that video will become a key technology for IFAs to raise their profile online and to provide financial advice and information.

With YouTube acknowledged as the world’s second most popular search engine*, the video hosting website will be a quick and easy way for consumers to find and assess IFAs online.

Philip Calvert said today: “Profound change is taking place right now in the way consumers find financial advisers and financial information.  They go to the Internet first to find an IFA, and increasingly they want to see and experience an adviser on video before making contact.  YouTube and other social networking sites will become central to finding video of financial advisers.”

Video has other benefits for IFAs too:

  • Video is ‘sticky’ and holds people for longer on IFAs’ websites
  • Video helps consumers to gain a perception of an IFA’s credibility, expertise, professionalism and likeability before meeting with them
  • Video adds a ‘human touch’ to financial advisers’ promotional messages
  • Video provides IFAs with potential new income streams through financial ‘information products’
  • Video is viral, with many consumers sending it on to friends and colleagues – thus expanding an IFA’s marketing reach

Philip Calvert added: “The good news is that a number of IFAs have recognised this and are creating very high quality promotional videos.  Two financial planning firms achieved hundreds of hits after just two days on YouTube and other social networking sites.

“For example, London ba<x>sed Financial Weeks is using video to help launch their new brand Serenity Financial Planning, whilst North Financial Management in Belfast have created a powerful and atmospheric piece to raise their profile online.  Both videos are receiving universal acclaim on the Internet and have set the bar high for other financial advice firms.”


As video becomes increasingly important within financial services distribution, IFA Life’s Social Media in Financial Services conference will highlight the importance of using the medium.  IFAs and providers will hear from IFAs who are already using video.  YouTube are also confirmed to speak at the event in January.


About IFA Life

IFA Life is an award-winning** online business and financial social networking website dedicated to IFAs, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners.  IFAs join IFA Life to share best practice, debate industry issues, share resources, get marketing help, provide support to one another and find business development ideas.

In conjunction with, consumers use the site to find an IFA in their area.  Journalists use the site to find IFAs who can provide expert comment for articles.

IFA Life’s founder is Philip Calvert – a high-profile IFA marketing expert, consultant, author and speaker.  Photos of Philip Calvert are available.


** Best Online Financial Community in the 2008 Online Finance Awards.

*Source:  Comscore

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