New online link creates startling opportunities for IFAs

A new feature on business social networking site LinkedIn, is giving financial advisers startling new opportunities to raise their profile on the Internet.

Until recently, an IFA or financial planner could use LinkedIn’s ‘status update’ tool to communicate with their network, clients or professional connections on the LinkedIn website.  But a small and important change in the facility is opening up exciting new opportunities for financial advisers who use the site.

The status update tool is now becoming increasingly commonplace as a means for professionals to communicate with, interact, engage and add value to clients and prospects.  It is common to many social networking websites, and most popular amongst users of Facebook and Twitter.  But until recently most IFAs did not see the value of using such a facility as part of their business communication strategy.

li<x>nkedIn have now enabled status updates to not only appear on a user’s LinkedIn profile – but also simultaneously on Twitter, giving advisers significantly greater reach on the Internet.

At the same time – and perhaps of most value to IFAs, those financial advisers who use Twitter, can now have their ‘tweets’ posted simultaneously to their LinkedIn profile – again significantly extending their exposure on the Internet.

Because LinkedIn is viewed very much as a serious business social network, this means that anything a financial adviser posts on Twitter has a strong likelihood of being seen by quality individuals and business professionals who more closely match the target market of most IFAs.

Philip Calvert, social media marketing expert and founder of IFA Life commented today: “This is yet another example of why IFAs and the whole financial services industry needs to take notice of social media.  It is not just a fad for kids – it’s an extremely important marketing and communication facility which the business world now regularly uses to listen to customers and to add value to their lives.”

Philip Calvert continued: “Financial Services is under the spotlight at the moment, and these tools are giving both IFAs and Providers the opportunity to rebuild reputation, image and credibility.”

Many financial advisers resist joining social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter because they see little value in it from a business perspective.  ButLinkedIn’s new facility now makes joining Twitter a very appealing option to IFAs.

At the very least, all IFAs who use the Internet in any way, shape or form should join professional networking websites such as LinkedIn, IFA Life and Ecademy.

Philip Calvert concluded: “There are many social networking websites which IFAs can use in their businesses, but it can all seem a bit confusing at first as to which sites to use and exactly how to use them.  The good news is that all IFAs can benefit by using these sites, and many are attending the Social Media in Financial Services conference in January 2010 to learn exactly how to apply it in their businesses.”

IFAs will learn from industry figures such as Informed Choice’s Nick Bamford, alongside Google, LinkedIn, the BBC and other Internet experts.

Conference link:

About IFA Life

IFA Life is an award-winning* online business and financial social networking website dedicated to IFAs, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners.  IFAs join IFA Life to share best practice, debate industry issues, share resources, get marketing help, provide support to one another and find business development ideas.

In conjunction with, consumers use the site to find an IFA in their area.  Journalists use the site to find IFAs who can provide expert comment for articles.

IFA Life’s founder is Philip Calvert – a high-profile IFA marketing expert, consultant, author and speaker.  Photos of Philip Calvert are available.


* Best Online Financial Community in the 2008 Online Finance Awards.

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