Global authority on financial life planning to speak at social media conference

IFA Life is delighted to announce that ‘Father of Life Planning’ George Kinder will keynote at the Social Media in Financial Services conference in January 2010 and lead a debate on ‘hi touch, hi tech’ financial planning.

Widely acknowledged as a key visionary in the financial planning world, George Kinder’s work is rapidly attracting large numbers of UK financial advisers to his methodologies.

Founder of IFA Life Philip Calvert said today: “George Kinder’s approach to financial planning is the most exciting development in financial services in many years.  Those IFAs combining Life Planning with a strategic approach to using the Internet will have an incredibly compelling proposition.

“Life Planning is the opportunity that IFAs have been looking for, as it helps to make financial planning significantly more approachable and relevant to today’s Internet-savvy consumer.”

George Kinder was a recent speaker at the Personal Finance Society’s annual conference, where it was clear that his focus on the human side of financial planning was hugely popular amongst delegates.

George Kinder said today: “I’m really excited to be speaking at the Social Media in Financial Services conference.  The Internet is going to be central to helping Financial Life Planners to communicate their service offering.  There are already Life Planners in the UK who are successfully using social media to get their message out there and the conference is a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and best practice.”

George Kinder concluded: “More than ever before, consumers need financial planners to help them to achieve their deepest and most profound life goals.  The Internet will be the first place they go to find Life Planners – so any IFA who is serious about growing and developing their business needs to understand how to combine hi touch with hi tech.”

IFAs already successfully using social media

As part of the conference debate, attendees will also learn from two Financial Life Planners who are already successfully using social media and the Internet as part of their client and marketing communications.

Tina Weeks of Financial Weeks and Jaime Steele of North Financial Management will be joining George Kinder to discuss how they are using social media in their business, together with pioneering use of video to raise the awareness of their brands and to attract new target clients.  Both Tina Weeks and Jaime Steele are graduates of Kinder’s Advanced Life Planning programmes.

Kinder joins a stellar line-up of speakers and Internet experts from LinkedIn, the BBC, YouTube, Ecademy and BT Tradespace.   Ian Morgan, Google UK’s senior head of financial services will also be speaking on day one of the conference, and Graham Jones a leading Internet psychologist will reveal how consumers are influenced when searching for financial advisers online.

Nick Bamford of Informed Choice will also speak on how the Internet provides IFAs with some of the biggest opportunities in years.

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