Crowthorne businesses are wasting money on their web sites

Business owners in Crowthorne were warned to take a serious look at their web sites as most of them are a complete waste of money.

That was the stark message from Internet Psychologist Graham Jones when he spoke at the “Can Do Can Be Business Women’s Network” meeting on Tuesday 20th January at the Waterloo Hotel, Crowthorne.

He said: “The average time anyone actually looks at a web site is just over half of one second. If you don’t grab attention in that short space of time, you have wasted your money on your web site.”

Few businesses actually have web sites that succeed, he added. Almost all of the web site traffic in the world goes to just six web sites, said Mr Jones. Crowthorne business owners should follow the principles of these successful web sites if they wish to earn money from the Internet.

According to Mr Jones this means making any business web site about the world of the customers – rather than simply providing an online brochure.

“At any moment in time there are 800 million people online searching for information – and not one of them is looking for a company brochure. Yet that’s all that most companies provide,” said Mr Jones.

By focusing web sites on the users, rather than the company itself, businesses in Crowthorne could dramatically improve their web site fortunes he said.


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Graham Jones is a psychologist who specialises in understanding how people behave online. He uses this knowledge to help business make sure their web sites truly connect with their customers.

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