Problems For Affiliate Marketing Beginners and How to Solve Them

Author: John Bergman

Succeeding in the affiliate marketing arena is not difficult if you follow a few simple rules and make up your mind to work hard to succeed. You need to start by understanding that there are no get rich quick schemes out there that really work. Okay, maybe there is one, but the chances of you finding it are pretty slim. The road to success is paved with hard work in the beginning and affiliate marketing is no different.

The biggest problem for most beginners is they get into affiliate marketing without a clue of how to succeed. They may pick a product, put up a website, write an article and wait for the sales to start rolling in. The bad news is, it doesn’t work that way. Here are some steps to follow for successful affiliate marketing:

* Find a starving market – In other words, find out what people are looking for and are ready to buy. One way to do this is to go to the Clickbank Marketplace and look for products that have a gravity or 20 or above. The gravity is a measurement of how well a product is selling. If you find a product that is selling well, it’s just the beginning.

* Investigate the product for affiliate marketing help. In other words, what sales tools do they have to help you. Do they supply good sales support with banner adds, etc.? What keywords are they using and what do they suggest you use?

* Go to Google and research the keywords for traffic volume. You want to make sure there is enough traffic searching for the keywords to warrant getting involved. There should be at least 3,000 searched a month to make it worthwhile.

* If everything is okay up to this point, type the keyword into the Google search tool and see how many competing pages there are. If there are more than 500,000 you might want to keep looking. There’s no point in trying to compete in a market that has millions of competing pages. Just move on, there are products that you can find that fit your criteria for affiliate marketing.

* Next you may need to set up a website or blog. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds. There is plenty of help out there. Start by picking a domain name with Go Daddy or some other service. If possible, pick a domain name that includes your keyword. Your domain name is your URL and what the search engines will see.
* You can use a free program like Kompozer or WordPress to set up a website. Kompozer is for a website and WordPress is a blog. Both will work well for your purpose and both are user friendly and have good tutorials.

* Once you have everything set up you need to start driving traffic to your website or blog. This where the rubber meets the road and where affiliate marketing either succeeds or fails. Without traffic, you’re just one of millions of other website owners who are hoping for the best.

In part two we’ll discuss the various ways to get traffic to your website. There are many options in both free and paid traffic so look for part two to learn more about how to succeed with your affiliate marketing program.

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