Build Your Blog Readership – 4 Easy Tips For Increasing Blog Readership

By Deepanjolie Figg

Blog readership is an important element in sustaining website popularity and therefore while most people find that attracting blog traffic is challenging, it is actually more difficult to sustain reader interest.

Yes, there is more to building blog readership than simply finding a good article writer or hot keywords for driving initial SEO driven traffic to your blog!

Your visitors need to also enjoy a certain level of comfort and anticipation for interesting, informative and quality blog posts they can expect from you. Here are some proven ways to help you entertain and retain your blog readers so you can benefit from traffic surges to your blog that help you achieve your blogging goals!

Tip 1: Be regular with your blog posts

The main ingredient to having a loyal following for your blog is to publish regularly so your readers can familiarize themselves with your posting frequency and likewise determine their next visits. In fact, posting fresh and interesting blog posts on a regular basis will help you positively impact visiting behavior.

However, if you can’t post new content every day, choose a schedule like every alternate day or weekends and inform your readers about it. Remember to stick to your chosen posting schedule so your readers know when to visit next for reading your newest post.

Tip 2: Pick a niche and stick to it

If you have a niche, it is advisable to post content relevant to that niche so your blogs are linked together under a similar theme and you have greater chances of arousing sentiments and passions regarding the topic. Random blog posts with no particular theme tend to have lesser number of followers as compared to those with a well-chosen niche that establishes you as an authority with a distinct voice.

Tip 3: Select catchy and relevant titles for your blog posts

Think like a professional article writer and pick catchy, meaningful blog post titles that generate interest and are SEO friendly so they will appear on online searches and can be found easily by people looking for a particular topic in your niche. The blog post title should be clear about what the article will focus on and the body of the post should deliver on this without fail, if you want to retain your readers and increase search engine rankings.

Tip 4: Take active steps to interact with your blog readers

Blogs being a casual platform should encourage reader feedback and possibly even debate, so that it can take the place of a regular conversation. Allow for comments on your blog, as these will help you get reader responses and honest feedback on your topic, which many times is a good way to decide new blog topics based on reader questions, opinions, doubts and even controversies.

Respond courteously, promptly and keep your acknowledgements of reader comments positive so your blog readers feel like active participants in a virtual conversation and become regular visitors because they know their comments are valued.

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