Lady Gaga is doing OK; not a sign of a pokerface when she looks at her bank balance. Nor when she looks at her Twitter ranking – number one. Whoopee..! But would she have done so well in her career without Twitter? That’s a question worth asking. After all, she has the power of a major record label behind her, so she would have done OK anyway. Plus, like her or not, she is talented and unlike many of the X-Factor contestants, she certainly has a voice. So without Twitter, she would have been a significant global brand anyway. What we need to know, is did Twitter enhance that brand?

The latest research on the value of Twitter is that it certainly would have helped Lady Gaga. It transpires that Twitter is much better for your brand because the users of Twitter are amongst the most influential on the Internet. They write more blogs than anyone else, they post more product reviews than anyone else and they syndicate more links than anyone else. In other words, Twitter users get your brand more “reach” than any other Internet users.

Often, people ask which is the best service to help boost their business – Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Many business people say things like “Oh, LinkedIn is the best”. But that is often based on hypothesis, rather than hard fact. Take a look at the rankings from and you might think Facebook is the best. It has almost 130m unique visits a month, compared with only 14m a month for LinkedIn. Twitter is more than double that. LinkedIn is certainly “the baby” of the bunch.

But it is not about raw ranking numbers like this that you should focus on. It is what the networks do for you. Facebook certainly gets you noticed and gets you some “likes”. It enables you to engage with your customers. LinkedIn allows you to find business leads, to locate joint venture partners or search for potential members of staff. But Twitter gets you influence. The people on Twitter who talk about you will also get you into Facebook and LinkedIn and so on and so on. The result is that Twitter will put your brand or your company in front of more people than either Facebook or LinkedIn can do together.

In other words, of the three networks, Twitter should be the central part of your strategic approach. Exactly like Lady Gaga.

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