4 Ways to Integrate Autoresponders With Social Marketing

By Herman Drost

Social marketing is a powerful way to generate traffic and build a large list of potential customers. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and RSS feeds to communicate with each other. If you combine social media websites with autoresponders you’ll not only expand your audience but be able to follow-up on them.

4 Ways to Integrate Autoresponders With Social Marketing

1. Set-up a Facebook fan page visitors to subscribe to your e-mail campaign

Many online and off-line businesses create Facebook fan pages to interact with their customers. This helps build long-term relationships and improve sales. To increase the retention rate of your visitors create a sign-up form on a Facebook fan page. After they have filled in the name and e-mail address send them a series of follow-up messages using your autoresponder. This could include tips, latest news, sales and products you recommend.

2. Automatically publish broadcasts to Twitter

Twitter enables you to send short messages of 140 characters to people following you. It’s a great communication tool because people are not offended if you send multiple messages (tweet) several times a day. The autoresponder service Aweber has developed a feature that allows users to automatically post a “tweet” linking to a web version of any broadcast message.

3. Create a blog broadcast

If you regularly add new content to your blog you want people to know about it. Most people won’t remember to visit your blog because they are busy with other activities. A blog broadcast enables you to automatically deliver your blog articles by e-mail. Every time you post a new article your subscribers will be notified. The blog broadcast feature offered by Aweber allows you to you select how often you want the e-mails to be sent or whether they should be sent automatically. Use this feature to automatically notify your Twitter followers about your latest email newsletter or blog post.

4. Follow-up on blog visitors

If you want to follow-up on your blog visitors capture their contact information. To do this place an opt-in form in the sidebar of your blog. Your form can then be viewed on every page. To motivate visitors to subscribe offer a free report or free e-course. Build a relationship with your subscribers by sending them great content via your autoresponder email messages.

To utilize these advanced autoresponder strategies first develop a blog for your business, create Facebook and Twitter accounts then set up your Facebook Fan page. Following-up with your subscribers enables you to build long-term relationships with them and sell more products.

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From Herman Drost – Web Design, Hosting, SEO

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