5 Tips For More Profitable Email Marketing

By: rida 0093

Email marketing is the favorite Internet marketing strategy of some of the most effective entrepreneurs. Have you begun a list? Is it profitable? Use these tips to put your list building and email marketing efforts in overdrive.

1. Sales Copy Check up-Go through all of the follow up messages that you have in your auto-responder series. This may take you some time, but it is worthwhile. Are your messages effectively converting into traffic and sales? If your list was not getting the results you had hoped, a simple change in your copy could make all the difference.

2. Opt-in Location-Are your growing your list larger by the day? Can your site visitors easily locate your opt in boxes? Do not assume everybody will find you because you have got an opt-in box in 1 location on you website Turn your site into a lead generating machine by optimizing your opt-in boxes, placing them wherever the fit in, and drawing attention to them.

3. Add Incentives for Subscribing-Getting people to join your mailing list is becoming increasingly harder, unless you use the most effective strategies. Many of us make our list stand out by offering up a free PDF or report for enrolling to the list. Whatever you offer make sure it is of high valuable and something that makes enrolling for your list irresistible.

4. Use a Double Opt In-Email marketing is largely a numbers game, but the number of leads you generate is not the only thing that matter. The quality of your leads also matter. Double opt in leads are more prone to action than single opt in ones.

5. Use Effective Follow Up Pages-Ensure that the page they come to after signing up grabs their attention and tells them to approve their email subscription. You can also use that lander page to make an offer on your own product or offer an affiliate product. Or if you’ve a service based-business and would like them to start to know you better then direct them to your articles page.

6. Contact Your List Frequently-You have heard this before but it is time for a reminder. If your prospects don’t hear from you often then they are going to forget about you and why the enrolled to start with. How frequently you contact them will rely on what your list is about but it is frequently declared you’ve got to be making contact one or more times a month if you’d like to be recalled.

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