Email Marketing – Quantity vs. Quality

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Everyone wants to be recognized in some way. We are not all the same. We have our own individual attitudes and reactions to what comes before us. One size does not fit all. Whether dealing with correspondence or clothes, we are all unique individuals.

Do your email marketing campaigns target the right audience, reflecting those differences? Sending out generic email marketing campaigns are not only inappropriate but when you do that, you are letting your audience know that they are just commodities to be marketed. Successful email marketing is not based on quantity. It is not about the amount of email addresses you have acquired. Smart marketers endeavor to know the person behind the message. They need to craft the right message, while meeting their prospects’ expectations of value and relevance in each campaign. This is the way to begin creating a campaign of quality.

Quality Email Marketing Campaigns Start with Knowledge

Having someone’s email address becomes valuable when and only when it is coupled with the right message. Sending information about a sale on golf clubs becomes irrelevant if the person does not golf. That may sound simple and possibly funny, but that is exactly what you do when sending out a campaign that does not benefit the recipient.

Manage what you Market

Creating accurate demographics for your email campaign is imperative. You need to know your target market. A person’s age, gender, marital status, location and income, have a great affect on what they buy. Knowing your audience means you can accurately target your campaigns – sending the right message to the right person.

1. Engage your Audience: Use your email marketing campaigns to communicate and build trust with your recipients. Do you know how they feel about what you send or say? Creating a survey with honest questions, will give you the first step towards a more personal outreach. More importantly, take their suggestions and put them into action. There is no greater trust builder than finding a marketer who stands by their word.

2. Breathing Space: No one wants to be marketed all the time. Spend some time creating useful tips and interesting stories in your e-campaigns. Share updates on your company’s expansions or personnel. Sharing testimonials from your clients will also give credence to your products and services. People trust people. Make sure your testimonials stand on real names and companies.

3. Frequency: We are all bombarded by spam. Don’t give anyone a reason to trash or spam your email marketing campaigns. Do your research. We walk a tight rope in this area. Start out slow and build from there.

4. Privacy: Assure your recipients that any information they share will remain confidential. Build your lists from double-opt in preferences. Avoid sending unwanted email communications from the beginning. Everyone wants to make a choice on what they read and receive. Building lists of willing recipients is priceless.

Communication is Conversation

Email marketing campaigns must be viewed as a two-way conversation. Who wants to engage in a conversation that does not allow us to speak or express our opinions? Finding out our recipients’ reactions can only be attained by managing the results of each campaign. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Buy email campaign software that will give you the ability to track and measure your campaign from start to finish.

Evaluating the results of each campaign enables you to see patterns of behavior that will help determine the relevancy and clarity of your content and call to action. Knowing what messages are opened and what links are clicked, are valuable tools towards improving on every campaign and message. Make sure your email marketing campaigns are clear and your call to action is easily found.

By applying these simple principles, conversion rates can increase and customer retention can improve. Forrester Research reported that 92% of marketers felt that email was “very effective” for customer retention while only 54% saw it a very effective tool for customer acquisition. It’s all about relationships.

Respect Me by Seeing Me

We may never meet our clients or prospects. Our email marketing communications may be the extent to our relationships. Caring enough to research the behavior and buying habits of your target, while integrating just the right message and design, is recognizing their individual preferences and interests. When a product or service is relevant to someone’s life, the interest and curiosity is naturally aroused. With this approach, your chances to increase your campaign success will improve, no matter what audience you approach. Let them know you see them and respect their differences.

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