Choosing A Domain Name? Some Tips You Should Not Ignore!

Choosing A Domain Name? Some Tips You Should Not Ignore!

By Wisey Lim

You want to start your own online business but have you decided to get your own domain name? Are you now cracking your head in choosing a domain name? You have no idea on how or what to choose?

Before choosing a domain name, consider the following useful tips that I am going to share with you:

Tip No. 1-Your domain name should be easy to remember, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, short and catchy.

Tip No. 2-Take note that your domain name may affect your search engine optimization strategy and this will affect your website ranking in the search engine.

Tip No. 3-You may pick your domain name based on your name, your product brand name, your company’s name or based on the purpose or theme of your website.

Tip No. 4-If the domain name you want to purchase is no longer available, you can add a prefix (e.g tips, key, secrets, top, hot, fast, etc) or suffix (info, advice, guide, tool, etc) to the domain name. For example, you can add a prefix to your domain to get: “” or to add a suffix to get “”.

Tip No. 5-It is advisable not to use hyphens/dashes to your domain name. This may cause confusion when someone is trying to figure out your domain name. For example, should they put in “-” or hyphen in their browser?

Choosing a domain name is that difficult after all. Hope that the above tips will help you to choose a unique domain name. You could now easily choose a domain name for your online business and make it stand out from the crowd.

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