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Ways in Which the Right Web Hosting Provider Can Improve Your Online Business

By Richard Myers The online presence of a company is fast becoming the main source for customers to place a grade on an online business. There are a variety of ways to improve business overall via using the right web hosting services. One of these options is using a dedicated server. This ensures that the […]

Stat My Web

Check a website with complete set of tools

Checking a website to make sure it is at peak performance is an essential component of web design and running an online business. However, if you go to check a website you’ll discover you need to use a range of tools and services from a cross-section of different suppliers; so it can be cumbersome and […]

The Importance of Branding a Domain Name Correctly

Google is one of the most well known online brand names – indeed it is one of the top brands of any business. Yet the name is wrong…! The correct spelling is “googal” – the mathematical name for the number of items the founders of the company were hoping to index. But in spite of […]

Choosing A Domain Name? Some Tips You Should Not Ignore!

Choosing A Domain Name? Some Tips You Should Not Ignore! By Wisey Lim You want to start your own online business but have you decided to get your own domain name? Are you now cracking your head in choosing a domain name? You have no idea on how or what to choose? Before choosing a […]

Domain Name Privacy – Do You Need It?

By Kay Zeeh When you register a domain name, some of the top registrars will offer you a privacy option for an annual fee. This can be a valuable option for you, depending upon your circumstances. In order to decide if you need this privacy option, let’s back up a little bit and learn why […]

4 Domain Name Tips To Consider

By Jun Yuan Lim Two things that you will definitely need if you want to be recognized as “the expert” in the niche that you are in over time are – Domain name and web hosting. A domain name is one where people enter into their web browsers to visit your website (it can either […]

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