How to make more money on the internet – forget your website

Women have a problem; there I’ve said it, I’ve got it out in the open at last – a bit risky for me on International Women’s Day, but it’s done. Their problem, of course, is men. Men have dominated society for thousands of years, resulting in a bias in thinking. For instance, it is popularly thought that men can navigate and that women can’t read maps. The problem, actually, is that society has preferred activities for males which lead to better spatial awareness. Until relatively recently, for instance, women were discouraged from football, a game that requires considerable spatial awareness skills. It’s not that women can’t read maps, it’s just that men have prevented them from gaining the psychological ability to do it

Have a brainwave to boost your website; a theta wave

Have a brainwave to boost your website; a theta wave

So, what has all this to do with making money on the Internet, I hear you ask. Well, it’s about your brain. New research from the University of California shows that the production of brain waves known as a “theta rhythm” are fundamental to things like memory and the overall health of our brains. And guess what produces lots of theta rhythms? That’s right, activities that involve spatial awareness. In other words, it seems that the bias of society has not been helping women make the best of their brain power.

And that’s bad. It’s bad because a study on the amount of money we earn shows it is linked to our brain power. Women continue to earn less than men, on average, often for equivalent jobs. These studies suggest that there may be a reason; the male dominated society we live in has been restricting the brains of women. But fear not, women know more than we think they do.

They do things which help keep their theta waves active and thereby boost their brains. It’s not just spatial awareness that keeps your brain healthy. Relaxation, meditation and learning are all activities which have been shown to boost theta wave production. Go along to any relaxation classes, or meditation rooms and you’ll find them full of women. Try looking in at your local adult education centre and the same is true, a preponderance of women. They are busy producing more and more theta waves, boosting their brains, while men carry on working, with little impact on their brain power.

We are now witnessing the impact of all this online. Women dominate the social web; only one social site, Digg, has more men than women using it. The others are either split 50-50, or have more women users than men. And where is real money being made online these days? You guessed it, via the social web. Perhaps the theta-induced female brain is more at home online than the male brain? Who knows?

What is clear is that there is a potential relationship between generating more theta waves and earning more money, particularly online. So, how can you make more money with your Internet presence – especially if you are not female? Well, the first thing is learn to relax more. You can take up meditation as well. And, importantly, learn something. Go to evening classes and take up whatever takes your fancy – pottery, local history, or crochet – it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you activate your brain into learning mode.

When you learn more, relax more and meditate you will produce more of those theta waves that boost your brain power. In turn, you develop greater clarity of thought, which inevitably means you will be able to solve all those online glitches and difficulties more easily. And that should translate into more money.

Often, too many people focus on their website and then can’t really identify the issues causing things like poor conversion rates, or lack of traffic. Taking time away from your website, doing things which create all those extra theta waves in your brain could well be the solution. Spatial awareness activities like football, orienteering, or navigating in a car rally will help, but perhaps today of all days men should take a few tips from women by taking up relaxation, meditation and continuous learning. After all, women are increasingly in charge online. If you’re a man and you want to catch up. do what women do to their brains. And don’t worry you’ll lose your map reading skills – there’s SatNav these days…!

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