Government websites criticisedMartha Lane Fox, the UK Government’s Digital Champion, is suggesting that there should be a major review of Directgov because of “fragmentation, duplication and bureaucracy”. Strangely, a friend of mine, the media coach Alan Stevens, was on a Government advisory panel several years ago which was looking at Internet strategy. At the time at a meeting at Number 10 he helped advise the Government that there was too much fragmentation and bureaucracy. you get a familiar feeling here? In a decade of advice from leading Internet experts, various Governments have done nothing it seems. It all smacks of inaction.

Indeed, the bailout of the Irish Government yesterday is really only necessary because of international inaction on the power of “the market”. Failing to bring bankers, currency traders and the stock markets under control is the same fundamental reason the global economy broke down two years ago. Now, it is happening all over again, largely because Governments have “talked the talk” but failed to “walk the walk”. Slowness, inactivity, call it whatever you like, but it is a feature of Government it appears. Indeed, the current Government has revised plans for “superfast broadband” in the UK. The last Government promised that 98% of the UK population would get 2Mbps broadband by the end of 2012. In a little publicised change, the new coalition Government has changed that, now promising to get us 2Mbps broadband by the end of 2015. More delay. More inaction. More problems to come no doubt. And, a mere 2Mbps..! Most people in South Korea get 12Mbps or more and the country is planning 1Gbps by 2012. The current world average is 8.26Mbps and our Government is sitting on its hands, dilly-dallying, promising us 2Mbps in FIVE YEARS TIME…!

Inaction, delay, hanging around – whatever you call it, such lack of activity is linked to failure. The difference between successful bloggers, for instance, and those who are not achieving anything is simple. The people succeeding are the ones taking action. Unsuccessful bloggers worry about what to write and dither as a result. Unsuccessful bloggers spend hours and hours researching, thinking, wondering about their subject and whether or not people will be interested. Unsuccessful bloggers set up their blog with enthusiasm and then spend weeks considering the design, the whoopee-doo add on functions and all the bells and whistles.

Successful bloggers just get on and write stuff…!

The most successful blogs have tons of content – with loads of contributors and posts which are added several times a day. Such blogs get lots of traffic and make lots of money. Research consistently shows that the amount of business you generate is linked to the frequency with which you add content to your website. The more you blog, the more money you will make.

Fussing about colours, design, widgets, add-ons are diversionary behaviours. They take you away from what you really need to be doing – adding content. So, stop fussing and worrying, start writing…! Add content..! Now, today, not later, not tomorrow..! Take action..!

Otherwise you will delay, dilly-dally and then you’ll wonder why other bloggers are more successful than you. But it will be obvious – your delaying behaviour will have marked you out as someone who is just like the British Government…! And you wouldn’t want that would you..? Unless, of course, you fancy the idea of Martha Lane Fox coming round to sort you out.

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