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  1. Hi,

    I heard you speak at the Academy of Chief Executives seminar with the ECHG programme in Birmingham.

    Your talk was very interesting, I was just going over my notes and wondered if you may be able to remind me of the significance of Phineas P. Gage and his associated head injury to the presentation?

    Kind Regards

    Peter Fernando

    • Hi Peter, glad you found my talk interesting. Phineas Gage had the front portion of his brain knocked out in a railway accident. He survived, but his personality changed. Subsequent neurological research has identified this part of the brain as being important in personal decision making. When we decide we are interested in something that appeals to us, this part of the brain fires and appears to send messages to the emotional centre of the brain. In essence if your website is to appeal to someone, it has to fire up that "pre-frontal cortex".

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