Social Media Strategist Offers New Ghost Blogging Service For Time-Crunched Small Business Owners

Social media strategist Lori Osterberg is now offering ghost blogging services to time-crunched business owners.

According to entrepreneur Lori Osterberg, small businesses are facing two problems in the current marketplace:

1. They know they need to become more Internet savvy, and begin reaching out to clients through various social media sites. They create blogs and open up accounts on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, only to realize they aren’t sure what to do next.

2. They understand they simply don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on their to-do lists. After working a full day on their normal tasks, adding another hour or two networking on social sites and writing blog posts simply isn’t possible.

“I continually meet small business owners that realize the potential a blog could have on marketing their businesses,” stated Lori Osterberg, founder of “Yet the overwhelm quickly sets in. They aren’t sure where to find the time to write and network, and what to write and communicate about with their followers.”

Enter The Social Ghost. provides ghost blogging services to time-crunched small business owners. Instead of taking on the role of writing about their product, service and industry, TheSocialGhost becomes an extension of their marketing team, and provides the content necessary to reach out to prospective customers, and provide quality information that helps them build a strong web presence.

Blogs typically help a small business owner in two ways.

1. Blog posts provide content that helps build up a company’s expertise. Consumers aren’t gullible and quick shoppers anymore. They have the tools at their fingertips to become experts at any subject matter in a short period of time. In a matter of minutes, using a desktop, laptop or mobile device, they can access websites and blogs, find testimonials and reviews, and gain instant access to a variety of product or service information. Consumers are looking for the businesses that are willing to share information, and teach them why they should depend on them as a company. And with a blog, a small business owner can feed in all the content and advice they desire, giving consumers what they are searching for.

2. Blog posts are quick to receive ranking within the search engines. Google currently has around 31 billion searches every single month. If a small business owner wants to gain traction in the search engines, a blog is the best way to do it. Blog posts can be written towards very specific terms, and focused on reaching out to specific clients and niches. The more specific, the greater the chance of being found within that search term.

“The ultimate goal is to help small business owners use technology to reach out to their target client, and stay active in engaging them,” stated Osterberg. “Our job isn’t to pretend to be the business owner, or communicate as such. Instead, we focus on building up expertise, and reaching out to educate readers on the company and the industry itself.”

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