HostGee.Com Introduces Blog Hosting with WordPress Auto Installer

There is no scarcity for the Blog Hosting services out there. However, when it comes to installing a blog the real problem arises. No matter whether you are tech savvy, using the blog template and scripts available out there, you will certainly end up in several bugs which cannot be rectified by yourselves.

This is where the built in WordPress scripts offered by the web hosting service providers come in handy. However, most of the best WordPress installers are never offered along with web hosting. However, things are very different in the case of HostGee. “We understand the fact that the people who are looking for web hosting will also require in building their websites. Particularly, when it comes to hosting blogs people look for auto installers. We have been offering Blog Hosting for several years now and based on the feedback from our clients about the Blog Hosting, we have now added WordPress auto installer,” says Mr. ”Shafiq Ur Rehman” CEO/Founder of

Speaking about the benefits of using WordPress auto installer, Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman said, “Blog Hosting will be mostly required for people who will be new to programming. For them, the WordPress auto installer is a boon. All they have to do is to follow the onscreen instruction made available in the cPanel Hosting. The cPanel Hosting is already being offered and now we have added WordPress installer as a feature. Not only for the personal blogs, can the businesses out there also can use this cPanel Hosting for their Blog Hosting needs. By choosing our Blog Hosting they don’t have to worry about anything like bugs.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman said, “You will be well aware that we are one of the very few green Web Hosting Providers. We have used the green energy to the power the Blog Hosting servers too. We are proud to be a Web Hosting Provider who is kinder to the environment.”

This is the rejoicing time for the bloggers out there. People with a passion of creating a personal website should wait no longer. BounceWeb’s Blog Hosting is all yours.

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