How Ordinary Internet Marketers Cracked Article Marketing to Get Extraordinary Results

Today, Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber is launching his newest product: Cracking the Article Marketing Success Code at

Cracking the Article Marketing Success Code
Cracking the Article Marketing Success Code

In his new ebook, Eric reveals:

1.   How he went from being an unknown to becoming an article marketing expert whose articles are published on top websites like, Site Pro News and Marketing Profs.
2.   How he made more than $10,000 in just 2 months with 1 article.
3.   How Dr. Mark Hyman promoted his book to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List with articles.
4.   The article marketing system leadership consultant Kevin Berchelmann used to score a $50k+ client
5.   How fitness expert Tracey Mallett tripled her online exposure, traffic and sales.
6.   Plus, many more (30+ in total) step-by-step article marketing case studies and success stories.

Eric’s new ebook fills in the hole that every other article marketing ebook, article marketing course and article marketing system leaves untouched.

“Cracking the Article Marketing Success Code shows you step-by-step how real people (not just the Internet marketing superstars) are implementing the secrets we reveal. Yes, we include people like Yanik Silver and Information Marketing Association President Robert Skrob, but more importantly we show real stories, about real people like Dr. Mark Hyman, Kevin Berchelmann and Tracey Mallett who are getting real results.”

To learn more about Eric’s newest article marketing product: ”Cracking the Article Marketing Code,” go to:

You can also call Eric at 908-380-8564 or email: eric (at)

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