National Internet Marketing Agency Empowers In-House SEO

Austin-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency, RefreshWeb ( announces the launch of a new SEO support program for companies to master the implementation and ongoing evaluation of search engine optimization of Web sites. The agency supports companies that want to handle SEO in-house with training and dashboard, packaged in a monthly subscription and supported with expert advice.

RefreshWeb has developed a do-it-yourself search engine optimization program with a difference: expert advice, a custom SEO plan and coaching to success. The low cost, low risk modular SEO program is designed for agencies and companies who want to guidance in implementing an in-house SEO program.

The six-module program consists of site technical review, keyword research, keyword competitive analysis, site optimization plan, search marketing strategy, homepage optimization & training and an optional module for local search. Companies can purchase all the elements for a comprehensive and integrated SEO strategy, one at a time. Ongoing support and optimization projects such as content development are available thereafter.

“Often business owners simply do not have the time to learn SEO on their own or the money to hire an Internet marketing agency to do the work for them,” comments John Rasco, CEO and President of RefreshWeb. “Our DIY SEO programs allow entrepreneurs, start-ups and agencies to gain the advantage of improved rankings and visibility on line, without a long learning curve and without losing control of the process.”

With over 20 years of experience in technology and marketing, the RefreshWeb team has specialized in SEO services since 2002. With the advent of open source technologies, Rasco believes that entrepreneurs are eager to gain access to reliable professional teams that can guide them with hands-on training in search engine optimization.

“We developed an SEO dashboard to make our job easier in serving our large corporate clients and then realized that it could also become a tool to assist the smaller businesses desiring to handle SEO in-house,” continues Rasco. “We are happy that we have both the tools and trained professionals which can serve the DIY SEO market effectively as well.”

The RefreshWeb SEO dashboard tracks keyword terms, current search volume for each term and search engine rankings for overall reach (the percentage of people looking for a client’s products and services who will see their site listed in the search engine results pages). The dashboard includes SEO reporting software, to track keyword progress and highlight issues which need attention.

For more information on the DIY SEO training ( with access to the SEO dashboard (, visit