New online hub to help small businesses do their own PR and marketing

An online hub to help small businesses do their own PR and marketing has been launched by Daryl Willcox Publishing. features the first in a new podcast series entitled ‘How to market your business on a shoestring’, plus whitepapers and case studies. It aims to help budget-conscious small businesses begin or improve their PR and marketing activity with free tips and advice.

The podcast series discusses themes such as marketing your business, how to maintain an online presence and how to market yourself. In the first instalment, ex-journalist Daryl Willcox, founder and Chairman of Daryl Willcox Publishing advises listeners on targeted marketing. He discusses web presence and social media strategies, as well as outlining the principles behind effective email marketing.

“{{We’ve created an online resource that will help small companies improve their marketing methods with a view to helping them encourage new business}},” said Daryl Willcox. “The site is about showing small businesses with limited budgets effective ways to promote themselves.”

Whitepapers provide step-by-step advice on DIY PR, how to write press releases and go about contacting members of the media with news.

Launched in 1997, Daryl Willcox Publishing’s services include online press release wires SourceWire and Response Source, the Response Source Journalist Enquires System and the FeaturesExec media database. They’re used by over 2,500 companies.

About Daryl Willcox Publishing
Daryl Willcox Publishing ( provides information services for journalists and public relations companies. Launched in 1997, the company connects media professionals to create opportunities for timely, relevant press coverage. Products include the Response Source Journalist Enquiries System, SourceWire and Response Source press release wires, the Freelance Journalist Directory and the FeaturesExec media database. Over 2,500 companies use Daryl Willcox Publishing’s media relations services, including around 120 of the top 150 PR Companies.

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