Vocus Webinar with David Meerman Scott: Real-Time Marketing and PR

“Wake up, its revolution time!” wrote David Meerman Scott (http://www.twitter.com/dmscott) in his new book Real-Time Marketing & PR (http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/books_real-time.htm). “Gone are the days when you could plan out your marketing and public relations programs well in advance and release them on your timetable. It’s a real-time world now, and if you’re not engaged, then you’re on your way to marketplace irrelevance.”

Indeed on the heels of social media, the world is operating in “real time” which brings both new challenges and new opportunities. This is why Vocus (http://www.twitter.com/vocus) (NASDAQ: VOCS) is hosting a free Webinar (http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=247061&s=1&k=5690BA3F1E56849DCEDE06A1008BE26D&partnerref=PR) with the person who literally wrote the book on the concept.

On, Tuesday, October 12th, at 11.30 a.m. ET, David Meerman Scott will show you how to promote, protect and build your brand in “Real-Time.” On this Webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor and react to what matters, when it matters.
  • React and respond to sentiment and buying signals by increasing your interaction to build more rapport with your customers
  • Develop a culture of tact and speed throughout your organization
  • Generate media interest through personal contact and relevant content
  • Shape and influence stories AS they are being written.

To register for the Webinar, or for more information, please click on the following link: http://tinyurl.com/2d5zs4r (http://tinyurl.com/2d5zs4r)

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