Broadband becoming the next utility

Broadband becoming the next utility as UK household take-up reaches 71%, but bundle savings are ignored – comments.

Michael Phillips, product director, said: “The latest Ofcom report simply confirms what we have been saying for a while – that broadband has become indispensible to UK households, but is also the “forgotten” bill. The diversity of services that consumers can access through a broadband connection has grown phenomenally and has truly cemented the broadband connection’s place within the modern home.

“However, it is disappointing to see that half of UK households have missed out on the cost-saving benefits that broadband bundles can offer. {{’s research indicates that by taking out a bundled package for broadband, home phone and digital TV services, consumers could save up to £210 per year}}, plus there is the added benefit of having just one bill to pay.

“If broadband is going to be recognised as a genuine utility, we urge consumers to treat it with the same money-saving attitude as they do their gas and electricity supplier. They should regularly shop around to ensure they are not needlessly throwing money down the drain.”

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