Email Marketing Business Solution Increases Email Marketing Opt In Rates & ROI in a Down Economy

Today marked the introduction of a newer player to the email marketing business services industry. Start-up company Your Passive Income has officially announced its launch, and with it the introduction of an enhanced email marketing business solution for today’s more Web-savvy businesses and entrepreneurs. The service is called Global NPN, and it boasts a full set of features designed to increase a business’s email marketing opt in rate while improving conversions and ROI in a down economy – an important benefit for businesses that are currently strapped for funds. A comparison with well-known industry competitors shows Global NPN to be a definite email marketing services rival to be considered.

At a glance, Global NPN may look like any of the other email marketing business ( services available today. A closer look, however, puts the Global NPN email marketing business service in a class of its own. A quick pricing comparison shows Global NPN plans to start out at an average of $40 less per month than most industry competitors while offering more subscribers. “As a business owner and a marketing consultant, I often use and recommend email marketing services. I’ve used several in the past, including Constant Contact, Aweber, Traffic Wave and most recently Feed Blitz,” says Ina Stanley, Your Passive Income founder. “I was blown away when I found Global NPN, as they are by far the least expensive while offering more. I enjoy up to 25,000 subscribers and pay just $40 per month!” These savings make the Global NPN service a more affordable email marketing option for businesses in this down economy.

One of the most notable benefits of the Global NPN ( email marketing service is perhaps its ability to increase email marketing opt in rates. Like many other email marketing providers, Global NPN is a double opt-in system, ensuring that only subscribers who truly want your information are subscribed. However, Global NPN offers the ability to have many more subscribers than its competitors for less per month – making it a scalable solution that can grow with a business. Sharing options and complete control over form creation allow users to increase their email marketing opt in rate in their own way, at their own pace and without increasing their monthly expenses.

Another notable benefit of the Global NPN service is its ability to improve ROI. Its plans are less expensive than most industry competitors, giving it longevity in the down economy. Additional tools such as split-testing rotators and link trackers make tracking email marketing more accurate. Tracking email marketing in this way allows businesses to see exactly which images, content, link variations and approaches have a more positive effect on subscribers, which can lead to increased sign-ups or sales. In addition to tools for tracking email marketing, Global NPN also includes tools to split-test banner ad and capture page campaigns – features that many industry competitors either do not offer at this time, or offer for an additional cost.

Your Passive Income has expanded its launch offer by adding a total email marketing package along with the Global NPN service. “In my experience as a marketing consultant, many businesses are often confused by how to set-up and use their email marketing services to the fullest,” says Ina. “Our aim is not just to sell email marketing business tools, but to help our customers learn how to make the most of them with individual training, tutorials and extras that add more functionality to websites and blogs.” New customers can also enjoy a custom 60-day marketing strategy as well as a free email course to help jump start their campaigns. Interested entrepreneurs can earn passive residual income to further support their businesses and lifestyles by becoming resellers. To learn more about the Global NPN suite of email marketing business tools as well as the income-earning opportunity, visit (

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