Despite Recession Faith In Small Business is Growing

According to a recent Gallop Poll Americans’ faith in small business has grown, while their faith in big business has not during the ups and downs of this U.S. recession. Three times more Americans now say they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in small business (66%) than say this about big business (19%). This gap has grown since the global financial collapse. In general people are three times more confident in small businesses than large and are more confident in small businesses than newspaper, public schools, the government, organized religion and the police.

Because of this increased confidence in small businesses there are entrepreneurs who are thriving despite the current economic situation. On July 21st and 22nd 2010, 159 business owners from around the world, including Lisa Manyon, owner of Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC ( attended Ali Brown’s Coaching Business Intensive, a two day training program in Los Angeles California. People who purchased tickets paid just under $10,000.00 per ticket. Some attendees, including Manyon, received entry to the Coaching Business Intensive as a perk to being a member of Brown’s Millionaire Protégé Club.

Manyon says “It’s important to invest in solid marketing strategies and business building information especially in “this economy”. I have no doubt that without guidance from programs like Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protégé Club my small business would not be as successful as it is today. I am honored that my Manyon Marketing Makeover coaching packages were featured by Ali Brown at the Coaching Business Intensive as a successful model for small business one-to-one- coaching. It’s also encouraging to see that faith in small businesses is increasing despite the economy. It’s yet another positive sign that becoming an entrepreneur was the right thing to do.”

Brown provided guidance to help create and expand coaching businesses including templates, forms and launch strategies that she has used to build her small business into a multimillion dollar company. Brown shared proven insider secrets to creating, selling and running wildly profitable coaching programs including comprehensive training for coaching businesses ranging from small one-to-one business coaching models to group coaching and high-level VIP coaching.

Manyon regularly invests in mentorship and coaching with Brown to grow her business ( . She’s currently a Platinum Elite member of the Millionaire Protégé Club that includes mastermind support and business training on topics like online and offline marketing strategies, continuity programs, teleseminars, fee setting strategies and more.

Lisa Manyon is the President of Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC. A Professional Copywriter, Marketing Strategist and Published Author, she’s a master of matching your message to market via copywriting and publicity strategies. She is a Platinum Elite member of Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protege Club and serves as a Mastermind Leader within the group. Manyon offers copywriting, coaching and consulting services. She publishes an electronic newsletter, Manyon’s Musings. Subscriptions are free at (

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