Keep children safe on the internet with CYBERminder

A NEW device for ensuring children’s safety when accessing the Internet has been launched by Atlantic Surf Ltd.

CYBERminder is a smart computer system that consists of two USB keys – a ‘Supervise’ key for parental use and a ‘Protect’ age-related key for the child.

Giving parents peace-of-mind it allows children to use a PC to access the Internet but prevents them from the dangers of visiting inappropriate websites.

Stefan Lampinen, of Atlantic Surf Ltd, says: “Child Internet protection is a vital issue. Parents want to safeguard their children when they are online and CYBERminder provides a swift and easy solution for this.

“Parents do not need to provide either hands-on supervision or download child protection software on to their PC as CYBERminder provides the keys to immediate secure protection for age ranges varying from small children up to teenagers.”


CYBERminder ( works by means of two user-friendly keys. The Blue Supervise key is for parental use and when first inserted in the USB port installs a child protection software filter.

The Protect key, which cannot be disabled, is for use by the child and ensures Internet browsing is filtered.

Importantly recognising that one size does not fit all, this key is age-related and the packs are designed for: Protect Under 9 (Green), Protect Age 9-12 (Yellow) and Protect Teenagers (Orange).

Once CYBERminder is loaded onto a particular computer the child cannot access the Internet without this Protect key.
If neither key is inserted Internet access is blocked.

Seeing the Protect key plugged into their child’s computer reassures parents at a glance that their child’s Internet browsing is filtered – safe and secure.

Priced at £29.99 (GBP), CYBERminder is available from: and