‘Digital Finger Printing’ Now Core for Sales Success

Businesses that fail to capture, tag and track vital information about visitors to their website – ‘digital finger prints’ – won’t survive in the modern world, according to lead generation specialist Profunnel, which has developed a dedicated White Paper on the issue.

With visitors able to come onto a website from anywhere, get what they want and leave without a trace, businesses need to recognise the sales potential digital finger printing offers, delivering the knowledge needed for nurturing and converting prospects.

“Over the last decade the customer buying process has changed dramatically,” says Matt Hall, Managing Director of Profunnel. “Once a sales person would make their calls, reach an acceptable number of decision makers and quickly be able to assess real intent. Today customers can conduct their research online, they don’t need to take high volumes of cold calls to keep informed about what’s on the market, making the job of a sales person far more difficult.

“As a result, understanding the digital fingerprint – or DNA – of customers is critical to sales success. Who they are, what motivates them, where they are in the buying cycle and more – the technology is now available to identify, tag and track visitors to your site, and build this into an in-depth profile of your customers that gives sales people the edge they need to win the business.”

While most websites will capture some part of the digital fingerprint, in the current market it is the high volume researching prospects that need to be identified, tagged and tracked, developing the fingerprint into a digital DNA profile by recognising and understanding the interaction taking place on a website.

To date businesses have been able to see where prospects visited before arriving at their site, what keywords they used to find them, which pages they look at, what resources they download and how long they stay on the site. Now though, new technology means they can tag their website visitors so they can see exactly who is on their site, when they return and more.

This tagging and tracking ability opens up a new world of opportunity, providing insight into prospects’ buying motivations and behaviour throughout the sales cycle. Rather than giving an overview of the website’s performance it gives an accurate insight into who wants to buy and when – creating the digital fingerprint or DNA that is crucial to sales success.

A prospect’s fingerprint left on a website will soon disappear if not dealt with at the right moment and with the right approach, providing a very small window of opportunity to understand and start nurturing the customer relationship.

“The power of building a digital fingerprint or DNA is that before you directly engage with the customer you know an awful lot about them, their areas of interest and how close they are to a purchase,” adds Matt. “This allows your sales team to focus on the serious players, rather than waste valuable resource chasing uninterested prospects, and tailor campaigns that match individual DNA profiles. As a result, conversion rates improve and the business has a much clearer understanding of its prospects, their motivations and touchpoints.”

Profunnel’s White Paper on the importance of the digital fingerprint and DNA is available for free download here

For more information on Profunnel click here

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