New Online Press Kit Service Helps Businesses Gain Media Exposure

PressKitPublicity, an online press kit service, came out of beta today with new pricing starting at just $24.95. The web-based service helps individuals and organizations of all sizes gain local and national media coverage in a fast, easy and cost-effective manner.

To promote its official launch, PressKitPublicity is currently giving away two free months for each new press kit that is purchased on an annual subscription through the end of September. To enter, visit (

With press kit packages starting at $24.95, PressKitPublicity has solutions to fit any budget. All pricing plans include a minimum of two info pages, for full details click on the packages to see what is included. Every online press kit comes with its own rss feed, social buttons as well as seo enabled features that will help with search engine ranking. Additional benefits and features are available with other packages.

“Often, small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the budget to retain a public relations firm full-time. That’s where PressKitPublicity comes in,” said Anissa Wardell, a public relations specialist who is leading the efforts at PressKitPublicity. “We built PressKitPublicity on the notion that every expert and all organizations should be able to use online press kits to their advantage, in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible.”

While the ROI on public relations initiatives is generally high, many organizations overlook the opportunity because they do not have the expertise in-house to successfully implement a public relations campaign. PressKitPublicity is a low-cost alternative aimed at building brand awareness, driving website visits and creating more media coverage for the individual or organization. Our press kit packages range from basic to Advanced to Ultimate and have expanded versions for each depending on the needs of the company or individual.

If you’re looking for media coverage, a press kit is absolutely essential. If you’d like the media to find you, your press kit must be online.

Here’s what Press Kit Publicity does for you:

  • Links Rather Than Attachments. Let’s be totally honest here… most members of the media hate attachments. They won’t open them from unknown sources, they don’t get them because of firewalls, and they can’t find them again when they need them.
  • Get the Media’s Attention. A press kit is the ‘professional appearance’ you put forth to the media. An online press kit takes your level of professionalism up a notch.
  • Stay Organized. With so many files and photos, it’s easy to lose track. Where’s that high resolution image? Which photo file is your most recent head shot? With Press Kit Publicity, it’s easy to stay organized and the media loves that.
  • Works ‘Round the clock. So when the media needs something from you at midnight, have no worries. Press Kit Publicity is available round the clock for the media, We have you covered.

Nothing beats experience and proven results, that’s why we’re committed to helping you wow the media and become a media star using our Online Presskit 24/7 technology. For just $24.95 per month we’ll give you access to our team of professionals that will set up your press kit for you, and give you access to it once its complete, so you are able to make changes as necessary.

Press Kit Publicity was created using our combined knowledge of online branding, marketing and PR experience. From landing a book deal or a film deal to being a regular on the TODAY show, our online press kits get results! Press Kits are an invaluable tool that get clients found online and secures media placements. Whether you’re a prominent national figure, small business owner, non-profit agency, author, consultant, Doctor or coach, PressKitPublicity is the perfect tool for you starting at $24.95 a month!

For more information and to get started, visit

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