Small businesses should be benefiting from online bookkeeping

Small businesses should be benefiting from online bookkeeping.

Surrey based Silverlining Accounting Ltd are offering a one year’s free subscription to an online bookkeeping and accounting system for businesses that sign up with them for accountancy and tax services by 15th December.

‘The offer is intended to alert businesses to the opportunities of Online accounting’ claims Ian Kent owner of Silverlining Accounting and a practising chartered accountant. ‘We use a range of online accounting systems to meet the particular needs of our clients. The benefits for small businesses are amazing’.

Many small businesses have not wanted to take on the perceived inconvenience or cost of adopting new bookkeeping systems but the arguments for change are strong. The growing skills base across the UK in online working, means businesses are generally better equipped to go online with their accounting.

The new services are part of the Cloud Computing revolution, where program software is maintained and hosted centrally and accessed via the Internet. Software upgrades are seamless.

The systems bring with them the advantages of operating online including sharing information and interactivity anytime, anywhere as long as there is Internet access. They help to reduce admin and paperwork as well as providing the tools to improve control over business operations.

Being devised for the online environment from scratch means that much of the development effort in these new bookkeeping systems is directed to producing valuable new operating features, rather than updating traditional cumbersome deskbound software.

Kent believes it is far more than just the online advantages he commented ‘if businesses choose wisely they can get some really great features to suit their type of business which I believe can make major contributions to the way they manage the business day to day and for their longer term business planning. And these services are very cost effective. There is more information on our website about online bookkeeping and our offer’.

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