Rich Baker, the Pioneer in Social Media for Organisations, Launches Conversational UK

Rich Baker, the former General Manager at Virgin Trains, today announced the launch of Conversational UK, his new venture to help businesses of all sizes with social media, online marketing, customer service, employee engagement and digital communication.

Conversational UK ( will provide support for organisations looking to digital communication and social media to improve marketing and engagement. Services include blogsite design and development, online marketing and PR, search engine optimisation, social media, and 121 and group training. He also offers a specialised service to businesses in the transport sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Speaking about the launch, Rich Baker said, “Businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of having an active social media presence and our social media agency ( makes sure they are participating in the appropriate way.” He continued, “The last 18 months has shown organisations they need to be more open and social, and transparent in the way they operate. If a business, or public service organisation for that matter, is serious about the service they offer, they should have a defined strategy in place to engage with partners, customers and the public. That’s where we can help. We provide solutions that can actually improve customer service, engagement, brand advocacy and visibility whilst reducing overall spend.”

As well as experience in digital communication, Rich Baker has fifteen years experience in customer service, human resources, leadership and communication. This senior level experience will drive Conversational UK and enables Rich Baker to understand the challenges of implementing a social media strategy across an organisation.

Baker concludes, “This is more than just creating a Twitter profile. Conversational UK can augment your existing business strategy and deliver upon the full potential of its value. Customers and employees in the 21st Century demand a more transparent service from organisations and to ignore this trend would be potentially damaging for business sustainability. We are pleased to say we can help businesses successfully navigate this new social landscape.”

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