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Social Media Marketing Interactive Launches to Help Small Business Owners

Recognizing that social networks like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter have enormous reach, SMMInteractive was launched to help the small business owner advertise effectively on these platforms. For a fraction of what it costs to advertise a business in traditional media, a small business owner can reach a highly targeted audience that is interested in their message. And, they can reach that audience 24/7.

“A key part of advertising on social media platforms is defining who your customer is, where do they congregate online, and what are the problems and issues that they face that your small business can solve,” says Jerry Kidd, Certified Inbound Marketer, and President of Jerry Kidd Training and Consulting.

Kidd goes on to say, “SMMInteractive was launched to give small business owners an affordable way to learn how to take advantage of the incredible opportunities available to them by advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, YouTube and Twitter bring new ways to get your message to a targeted audience that are essentially free.”

Based in San Ramon, California, Jerry Kidd Training and Consulting has been offering these services to the California real estate brokerage community for several years and with the launch of ( these services are now available to all California small businesses.

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