The New Business Model for All, Social Networking Sites at SocialGO

The future of social media dictates that every website will eventually become a social networking site. Both businesses and individuals will follow in the footsteps of the media and offer some kind of social network component to market themselves and their services, if they aren’t doing so already, according to experts.

In the last decade, businesses have had to readjust their model to succeed. Whether its messaging, chatting or uploading videos, companies and entrepreneurs are relying more on Internet-based communications to build their community than they are in their physical storefronts, traditional office spaces or even out in the real world, with these business social networks (

To further build these online communities, instead of simply reaching out into the unknowns of Facebook and Twitter, businesses are incorporating networking components on their sites, giving customers already drawn to their page a reason to return, whether its through chat bars, games or blogs.

Social network ( maker SocialGO is helping companies and individuals design social networking sites based on their personal preferences and objectives. From zero cost to the $150 per month Concierge plan, where SocialGO provides full support and does the design for you, businesses can build their own sites with SocialGO’s variety of themes and premium widgets, like self-made video channels, ad and banner management, reservation booking and direct revenue monetization features.

Hundreds of businesses have already turned to SocialGO to build their customer base, including clothing designers, television stations and sporting retailers. Several companies in the US, UK and other countries have used SocialGO’s capabilities to create online forums, blogs, video channels, plus several other ways of user feedback and interaction.

SocialGO offers social networking ( services for all needs and budgets. To find out more about boosting business through customised and supported social networking sites, go to

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