How to Use a Keyword Selector Tool to Find “Good” Keyword Phrases to Target

By: Joe Pahl

When it comes to succeeding in Internet marketing, much discussion has been placed recently on the importance of using a keyword selector tool to find keyword phrases that had certain requirements (ie those with decent daily search demand and lower amount of competition). What most people do is simply write articles or create content based on the niche they are targeting in a broad sense. And what generally results is lots of time and effort spent with few (if any) results to show for it.

Here’s what typically happens to Internet markers who don’t use a keyword selector tool to find good keyword phrases to target:

1. They decide on a niche to target (ie. weight loss).
2. They create a blog about weight loss, and write posts about what they think people would be interested in.
3. They start writing article after article about weight loss tips and ideas without doing the proper keyword research and submit these articles to the major article directories.
4. They see very little traffic coming to their blogs.
5. They get discouraged and move on to the next niche.

This is a very frustrating but common experience for many Internet marketers. And why has all the effort resulted in such poor results? Since the articles were written broadly, they were most likely focusing on keyword phrases (unknowingly) that are just too competitive, especially when you are dealing with mega niches like weight loss, debt, fitness, etc. The articles will never rank that high, and therefore never generate enough readers who will click on the blog URL located in the author resource box.

So how can using a keyword selector tool increase you chance of success? The keyword selector tool will help you find keyword phrases that have high daily search demand and low competition. So instead of writing articles and content just on the niche itself, you’ll create the articles and content targeting those specific keyword phrases.

The true power of this strategy is in focusing on lower competition keyword phrases. Competition is the number of results that show up in the search engine results when you type the keyword phrase inside of quotation marks while searching. The probability of ranking high for a keyword phrase that has 2,000,000 competing results and one that has 2,000 competing results is massive.

And getting your articles and site/blog content to rank high in Google is the name of the game when it comes to attaining long term sustainable online success.

Here’s what successful Internet marketers typically do:

1. They choose a specific niche to target (ie. weight loss).
2. They use their keyword selector tool to conduct some proper keyword research.
3. They come up with a list of relevant high search demand, low competition keyword phrases.
4. They create a blog about this niche, however, they tailor the content specifically around the keyword phrases that they found.
5. They start writing focused articles based around the keyword phrases you found, and submit those articles to the major article directories.
6. Since the articles rank higher, they start to see a steady and consistent stream of readers to their articles. Since a decent percentage of these highly targeted readers click on the link in the author resource box, a long term stream of traffic is created.

This success is the direct result of using the keyword selector tool to find “good” keyword phrases to target. Don’t be like the masses and waste time on articles and content that probably will NEVER get read. Instead, do some keyword research to give yourself a major advantage over all of the other individuals looking to generate income online.

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