Web Site Traffic Techniques – 5 Best Ways to Create Back Links For Your Site

By Jason Nyback

The best thing you can do to make search engine optimization (SEO) an effective strategy is to build backlinks for your website. Every time you see a backlink, it comes from a quality website which means your website will move up much higher in the search engines. This means more and more people will see your site and therefore buy your product.

Since it is up to you on how you should control backlinks for your website, you can try the following tips and tricks for an increase in the number of backlinks for your website.


  1. Quality content is the key. Therefore if you have professional content and highly specialized ones, then you should be able to get backlinks. You can ask others to include links to your website but only if you have such credible information you are willing to share. You should prioritize updates and quality for the content of your website.
  2. Communicate with website owners. Should you have any interest in getting backlinks from other people’s websites then it will be a good idea to contact the owners directly. It will be advantageous to choose websites not just because of their high quality content but also because of high page ranks.
  3. If the websites you have in mind are professional and popular ones, then by all means, contact them for link exchange. It will also be a good idea to present to them what you have to offer so that your chances of a link exchange will be greater.

  4. Check directories and submit your website. Since these directories also serve as web portals, a lot of links to other websites can be found there. First, you need to find reputable directories and go ahead and submit your website along with a short description of it.
  5. Although it could take a while for your website to be approved and appear in the directory, it is worth the wait because directory inclusion is in fact the easiest way to get backlinks built.

  6. Interact online. Leave messages and comments in blogs or other websites so that you will increase chances of getting more backlinks to your site. Start with relevant blogs and websites since more often than not, they let you provide your website’s link.
  7. This is usually done with a nickname linked the URL of your website. If you have a comment that catches the attention of viewers, then they will most likely click on your link. Remember: Do not spam.

  8. Check out the forums. Nicknames can be linked to your own website’s URL as seen in many forum signatures.


You will have to be a valuable member of a community to gain respect of the forum members. To do so, you need to be informative and knowledgeable.

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