Top 5 Principles of Effective E-Commerce Website Designing

By Manish Chauhan

Websites play an important role in E-Commerce business. As it is the only medium of interaction between the sellers and online shoppers, so it has to be carefully designed. E-Commerce websites are designed in order to accomplish the commercial needs. Internet surfers have become very smart and they can easily differentiate between good and poor website. In order to maximize the chances of success it’s very important during the design phase to carefully consider the following principles of effective E-Commerce website design.

1) User-Friendly Navigation: The navigation pattern in an E-Commerce website should be very simple and easy to understand. Since online shoppers cannot feel and touch the online store and its products. So, let your audience navigate through the website easily and you cater to their needs. Make use of breadcrumbs to make an enhanced and easy search process for the visitors.

2) Be Creative but Don’t Sound Absurd: Being creative is really good for designing an E-Commerce website. In order to get quality traffic, it is very necessary to make your website attractive and user-friendly. But it should not seem as if you are selling design and not the products. It should be designed in a way that all the common questions and objections are answered. Creativity is something which cannot be bought therefore, if you are really concerned about your E-Commerce web designing then, you can always hire dedicated web designers who provide professional website design services.

3) Security: You need to assure the shoppers that their private (contact and financial) details would not be shared to any third party. Security is an issue that is paramount to your customers. So, make sure your online payment processing is secure. Failure to do this would result lost customers, which in turn would lead loss in sales.

4) Instant Response: To make E-Commerce website more attractive, designers often make use of flash files and heavy HTML coding. Bigger flash files take more time to get loaded. Internet surfers are very impatient and need an instant response to their action. So, if the website or the images are taking too much of time to get loaded, the shoppers might get annoyed. Also, remember that an annoyed customer is a lost customer.

5) Quick Solution to Customer Queries: Customers might have some kind of queries in their mind while shopping online. Therefore, it is very important to provide customer service online that would actually resolve customer queries and help facilitating the online shopping.

All the above aspects help you to build a long term relationship with your customers and an excellence in all these will help you bring your customers back on your website.

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