User Community Driving Web Innovation with SiteJazzer

A little over a month after the launch of SiteJazzer, Harbinger Knowledge Products announced a series of enhancements to the online software service. SiteJazzer is an online software service that enables web marketers and ad agencies to quickly and inexpensively create exciting web elements to jazz up their websites. It includes a free online community for its users, marketers and online ad professionals at large.

“Ever since we launched SiteJazzer and its online community, we have seen a lot of activity inside the product as well as the community. The community provides a great platform for our users to discuss among themselves, yes, but these public forums also enable us to understand the real needs of our users.” said Vikas Joshi, chairman and managing director of the Harbinger Group. He cites as an example, SiteJazzer’s newly-added support for Apple’s Mac OS X operating system and the Safari browser; a direct result of its “users asking for Mac support.”

“It’s not just the features that are being driven by [the community], but also the language and semantics,” Joshi said. “The users are now creating ‘jazzers,’ a word coined by them to describe the web elements they create using SiteJazzer. They have truly not seen anything like this before.” When one of them asked about how Jazzers can be added to their Facebook page, Harbinger led by example, adding a Jazzer into their web page and sharing the steps with the community.

Other feature enhancements that the company claims are a direct result of community feedback include the availability of horizontal and vertical banners in different sizes to suit different website layouts, ability to share Jazzers with colleagues and clients right from the publish window, and even a ‘blank template’ feature that enables one to start their jazzer creation over a clean slate.

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