The Brainchild Group Creates Social Media Press Release Service

The Brainchild Group, a renowned Social Media and SEO agency, is pleased to announce the launch of a revolutionary press release writing service that brings news and Social Media together as one. The Brainchild Group is consistently called upon to wordsmith SEO and Social Media friendly press releases for clients throughout the world, and this has led to the “brainchilding” of a new Social Media press release writing service focused on adding a personal, social twist to standard news releases.

The Brainchild Group’s Social Media press releases focus on providing information while maintaining Social Media and SEO best practices, thus boosting exposure and, ultimately, revenue. The company’s blogging, media and SEO expertise is used to create press releases that gain traction in the news community, and on social websites. This is The Brainchild Group’s recipe for success.

Companies interested in learning more about The Brainchild Group’s Social Media press release writing/distribution service should email or call 310-876-0874 x1.

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