Broadband inadequacy holding the country back

Research published today shows widespread support for net neutrality amongst the IT community. The study, commissioned by Powernet, the UK’s oldest, independent business ISP, shows that while one in three IT decision makers think the government is not doing enough to support Digital Britain, only 19% believe the government should allow ISPs to tier traffic and just 17% would be willing to pay for a top tier service.

The survey revealed the dilemma facing government with 77% saying a reliable business connection is critical to the future of their business, but only a minority of IT decision makers willing to sacrifice net neutrality to secure this. Many feel a tiered Internet would have a knock-on effect for businesses with 40% believing the practice would affect fair access to the Internet and 35% saying it would stifle innovation.

With recent research showing not one British city would make it into the global connectivity top 100, the study shows that the Government needs to do more to give British businesses the broadband speed they need. One in four IT decision makers (27%) think the government is confused about how it will roll out faster broadband.

“This research represents a blow to those who support the two tier Internet and reveals a groundswell of support for net neutrality amongst the IT community,” said Tony Tugulu, Powernet’s CEO. “Broadband is the lifeblood of British businesses, but there is a real concern that the UK is lagging behind the rest of the world. UK businesses think the government should be doing more to help boost our digital infrastructure and they are also clear that tiering Internet access isn’t the answer. It’s time for the government and ISPs to come together and put together a plan that will help move the country into the digital fast lane as quickly as possible.”

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