TemplateZone Ships Social Page Builder for Facebook

TemplateZone today announced the availability of Social Page Builder, the first of three web based tools under the High Impact Designer (http://www.highimpactdesigner.com) platform. Social Page Builder is a comprehensive set of online tools to create professional Facebook Page Designs and automatically publish them. These uncommonly easy, professional tools allow small businesses to create Facebook Pages that can increase their social presence.

With over 650 million users, Facebook has already become a nexus of business focus for even the smallest of businesses. The challenge is in creating engaging designs, sizing and referencing images, and then uploading and naming the Facebook page. A recent blog post by a leader in inbound marketing, Hubspot, extolled the values of creating a Facebook page – the only downfall was the extensive length of the instructions (pages and pages) required to publish a relatively lackluster design.

Now with Social Page Builder, any SMB or small design agency can create extraordinary Facebook pages. The product comes with hundreds of agency quality designs which can be edited by any Internet connected computer (PC and Mac) and most design challenged individuals. A recent survey conducted by Constant Contact, found that 73% of small businesses report have been using social media to market their business and 62% of the remainder planned to use it.

In sharp contrast to current products that are available in this segment, Social Page Builder gives users all the tools to create and design professional Facebook pages. With hundreds of professional designs, a powerful image editor and the unique addition of SmartElements combined with the automatic publishing to Facebook and a Reveal Page Wizard, Social Page Builder is the preferred solution for the SMB market.

Most competing products adopt a “widget” approach in which designers add “HTML code snippets”, unadorned images, video frames and more. This non-cohesive, non-holistic approach places full responsibility on the user to create an attractive design using a fragmented approach.

With Social Page Builder, a user can start at just $10 a month for the Silver plan and publish designs on up to 5 different Facebook business pages. The $20 a month Gold plan provides more designs and the ability to publish designs on up to 15 Facebook business pages. The Platinum plan, at $40 a month, is suitable for graphic designers, small agencies and growing businesses with multiple Facebook pages. This plan supports up to 50 Facebook business pages.

All of the paid monthly plans offered for Social Page Builder come standard with the following functionality:

  • Highly available hosting of your Facebook pages with no additional charges, regardless of the number of fans on your page
  • Powerful Image Editor that lets novice users transform provided designs to match their company product, colors and look
  • Automatic one step publishing of designs to Facebook business pages that the user administers
  • SmartElements© (multi-layered graphic elements) that help give your designs a more unique look
  • Absolutely no reference or branding back to High Impact Designer
  • Creating Reveal pages and inserting videos into designs are limited to the Gold and Platinum versions.


About TemplateZone and KMT Software:
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, TemplateZone was established in 1991 and is a property of KMT Software. TemplateZone is the creator of High Impact Designer (http://www.highimpactdesigner.com), and is the world’s leading supplier of studio quality HTML email template designs as well as exhilarating print marketing designs. With a community of over 2,000,000 users, TemplateZone and KMT Software is committed to helping small business professionals do more with the products they already have.

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