Archer Web Strategies Launches New Archer Process SEO Program

Archer Web Strategies is launching its Archer Process Search Engine Optimization Program designed specifically for manufacturers and providers of technical and B2B products and services to the industrial marketplace. Understanding that users and technicians are searching for products using a wide variety of terminology and technical terms, the Archer Process was developed to create and optimize website content to maximize the chances that the products can be found. Companies implementing the program can yield an over 300% increase in quality website traffic with corresponding increases in customers and sales.

The creation of the Archer Process was driven by the needs of companies selling technical and B2B products to the industrial marketplace. After surveying many companies and completing multiple website projects, a common problem was discovered – that users and engineers looking for their products and services can’t find them because they using different terminology, competitive slogans, or just part numbers. For most companies, understanding how people are looking for them represents a major paradigm shift. The Archer Process was created to help customers master this shift.

“Incredibly, most companies still view their websites as electronic catalogs or extensive capabilities brochures with a strict focus on their unique terminology. Few understand the potential of their website to intercept the searches of those looking to solve their technical or business problems by focusing on how they are searching. With a properly outfitted and optimized website, companies have the ability to sell themselves, take business from the competition, and catapult their market share – all without costly traditional sales techniques,” said Gene Bohensky, founder.

Companies interested in learning more about the Archer Process Search Engine Optimization Program can visit their website at and download their white paper entitled “The Archer Process – How to Get Your Technical and B2B Products Found on the Internet” or call Stephen Pellegrino at 1-201-602-3358 for more information.

Archer Web Strategies Launches New Archer Process SEO Program 1

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