Click2Rank Now Offering Forensic SEO Audits

Click2Rank Consulting, a professional search marketing agency based in Lacey, Washington, is now offering world class forensic SEO audits as part of it’s broader SEO services coordinated by Alan Bleiweiss, Click2Rank’s Director of Search Services. Mr. Bleiweiss, one of the search industry’s most experienced forensic SEO audit specialists, recently joined Click2Rank after several years as an independent consultant.

Site owners who want to take their organic search optimization to the next level, especially those who were either negatively impacted by Google’s Panda update, or those wishing to inoculate their sites from future search engine changes, will now be able to hire Click2Rank to have a comprehensive audit performed. Every audit conducted by Alan and his team is custom tailored to every unique client site based on specific niche market needs and competitive landscape factors.

“A site that has either been hammered by Google’s MayDay or Panda update is a site desperately in need of a major evaluation. Since these updates have been based on several different, yet at least somewhat related factors, just guessing what the solution might be to rebound, is a fruitless exercise.” said Bleiweiss. “Quick fix solutions don’t cut it with Panda. Significant changes to a sites’ information architecture, user experience and/or content will most likely be called for. Anyone who has any hope of rebounding needs to know what issues to focus on, and in what order.” he said.

Alan Bleiweiss is one of the few industry professionals with real-world experience auditing sites impacted by Panda that have since either partially or fully recovered. His presentation at the SMX Advanced search conference this past June, which he will again provide during SMX East in September, specifically addresses the differences between sites that routinely ride the Google change roller-coaster, and those that are truly resilient. In that presentation, he also offers real world data and several tips on how to gain dramatic increases in organic traffic from sources beyond Google.

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