eUKhost Ltd.’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations Begin This August with a Contest worth £50,000 GBP

eUKhost Ltd., a premier web hosting UK company, announced their 10th Anniversary celebrations starting this August with an open contest for all. “The company turns 10 this November, hence Prizes and Rewards worth up to £50,000 GBP would be presented to the winners,” claimed one of the representatives from eUKhost Ltd. The participants would get a chance to win big prizes such as an Audi Car, in addition to some exciting prizes such as iPads, iMacs, Leather Jackets, Laptops, Holiday Packages, Xmas Party Packs and many more exciting prizes.

A Senior official from the company described the contest to be one of a kind and a generous act of appreciation towards the customers and partners. The contest is open for all and to begin with the celebration, four sub-contests have been included, the winners would be decided based on the following criterion:

a. Forum thread which gets the maximum number of unique visitors.

b. Affiliate that refers the highest number of new signups.

c. Affiliate who generate the highest revenue.

d. Affiliate who get the single highest order through Referral.

Moreover, the company intends to have a fair and transparent contest, hence they have decided to offer the most trusted members over their community forum, a chance to judge the participants of the contest.

The company expects the participants to follow certain rules while working towards achieving the rewards. More on this can be read here :

People interested in the contest can also reach them at 0808 262 0255 and know more about the celebrations.

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